Cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally have crossed 39,000 mark


  • As of August’s first week, the total number of crypto ATMs throughout the world has increased to more than 39,000.
  • The maximum number of ATMs installed in the U.S. with 87.9%.
  • 14.7 crypto ATMs are installed each day according to the gauge scale.

As per the data of the first week of August 2022, the total number of ATMs functioning worldwide has surpassed the 39K mark. Throughout 77 countries, 39,011 crypto ATMs have been installed by 614 crypto ATM operators. 

969 crypto ATMs were recorded on January 1, 2017, after which installations grew by 3.925%. According to geographical distribution statistics, with 95.1%, which accounts for 37,081, North America has the maximum number of ATMs.  

The U.S. has 87.9% of the crypto ATMs, constituting 34,299 machines. The remaining world has 4.9%, out of which Europe counts for 3.8%. Canada has 6.3%, which makes for 2,461 machines.  

Among the 39,011 crypto ATMs, 38,998 support Bitcoin, according to data. 33,056 machines support other alternative crypto assets as well. 

32,466 machines support Litecoin, 29,324 machines support ethereum, 16,132 machines support DOGE, while 13,801 machines support bitcoin cash. 

With 17.7% of total ATM machines installed, Bitcoin Depot is the world’s top crypto ATM operator in regards to functional machines across the world. After Bitcoin Depot is Coincloud with 5,643 machines, Coinflip with 4,124 machines, Bitcoin of America with 2,339 machines, Bitstop with 1969 machines, and Rockitcoin with 1,781 machines.

Genesis Coin tops the list of the best crypto ATM manufacturers and constitutes 40.6% of the machines, followed by General Bytes with 22.8%. Next in the line are Bitaccess with 15.8%, Coinsource with 5.2%, Bitstop with 4.9%, and Bytefederal with 2.8%.

According to the gauge scale, 14.7 crypto ATMs are installed per day. Considering that, about 40K crypto ATMs will be installed globally in around 67.27 days.

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