CryptoPunk #5066 sold for $1.4 million


  • CryptoPunk #5066 was sold on February 6, 2023.
  • The sold Punk belongs to the Zombie CryptoPunks category.
  • A day before, another Zombie #4830 was offered for 969 ETH.

CryptoPunk #5066, which is one among the 88 Zombie CryptoPunks, was sold for 857 ETH on February 6, 2023. Things have been quite stable for the bottom of the CryptoPunks market during the past half-year. However, there’s been some activity in terms of exclusive Punks. 

CryptoPunk #5066 majorly has 3 attributes. It wears an earring, which is a trait owned by 2459 Punks; a knitted cap, which is owned by a total of 419 Punks and has a smiling expression, which is owned by 238 Punks in total. 

The news about the sale was shared on Twitter by CryptoPunks Bot. The sale which translates to whopping 1.4 million is the largest Punk sale after Punk #2311 which earned $500,000 plus on February 2, 2023. The Punk is one among the 6039 Male Punks and is currently owned by 

Talking about the marketing status, 0x26206c is the current owner who has bought it from 0x8721cf. The Punk has not been further listed for sale at the moment. Also, no bids have been made as of now.