Serena Williams just bought a Clone X from RTFKT


  • Serena Williams has bought a Clone X and shared its picture on Twitter.
  • Her husband is speculated to have gifted her the NFT.
  • In 2021, Alexis Ohanian gifted Williams CryptoPunk#2950.

Serena Williams, the iconic tennis star received a Clone X on July 12, which she bought from RTFKT. She posted a picture of her first BAYC NFT. 

It seems that Alexis Ohanian, her husband who is himself an NFT enthusiast, has gifted her the new pink, teary-eyed monkey. 

Wiliams offers advice to the player-owned fantasy sports network regarding its expansion in the world of women’s sports as well as Web3 initiatives. 

In a press release, she shared that non-fungible tokens have the power to become a powerful mechanism in order to bring equality and financing in the world of women’s sports. She further said:

I believe Sorare will determine the ethos and tone of future sports entertainment.

In September, last year, Alexis Ohanian made headlines when he showed off the NFT he got for Williams. He wore the NFT’s image like a badge on his jacket’s collar. The NFT belonged to the CryptoPunks collection, which are known for being the most expensive as well as the rarest NFTs. 

While what Ohanian wore was just an image, the real NFT, CryptoPunk#2950, was available on Ethereum. It was one among the 3,840 female punks with a rare ‘Headband’ trait. 

Serena’s purchase of clone and her husband’s ties with NFT were discussed by NFT Ethics on Twitter.