K-Pop Star Lee HongKi’s Music NFT sold out in an hour!


  • Popular South Korean musician Lee HongKi just released a new song on the Muverse website, and it rapidly sold out—in just one hour.
  • As soon as he was discharged from the hospital in April 2021, Lee HongKi finally debuted new songs after months of expectation from his fans.
  • Similar to digital art, music NFTs are digital representations of a musician’s work that are stored on a blockchain.

Lee HongKi, a well-known artist in South Korea, recently published a new song on the Muverse (muverse.info) website, and it quickly sold out. He also decided to acquire the Yolo Bunny #5190 NFT. On September 30, 2019, Lee HongKi, a prominent K-pop idol, enlisted as an active-duty soldier.

After months of anticipation from his fans, Lee HongKi eventually dropped new music as soon as he was released from the hospital in April 2021. Additionally, he brings music NFT to grow his fan base on web 3.0. Winter is approaching as the year is close, but the K-Pop music NFT space is still hot.

Music NFTs are digital representations of a musician’s work that are stored on a blockchain, similar to digital art. This could be a whole song, a little segment, royalties, or the album cover. Owning a music NFT can help a fan develop a stronger bond with the artist while also giving them direct access to the fan’s money. This eliminates the need for a record label, which typically takes a sizable portion of a musician’s sales revenue in addition to a claim on their intellectual property rights.

Only Muverse is home to Mr. Lee HongKi’s most current song, NFT (muverse.info). The biggest NFT trading exchange in the world, opensea, is where Lee Hong Ki’s track NFT owners can sell it to earn money. They can also connect with fans on the Muverse platform. They get priority in receiving the entire way over other users.

Additionally, Mr. Lee HongKi revealed on Twitter that his profile image is YOLO BUNNY #5190 NFT, which he holds. The NFT series made available by the Muverse platform is called YOLO BUNNY NFT. 

On Opensea, the biggest NFT trading platform in the world, YOLO BUNNY NFTs have been traded for more than 5,200 ETH as of right now, causing fans to anticipate and enjoy the appeal of the metaverse. He clearly stated that he was willing to pursue an additional Web 3 partnership with Muverse.