Islam Makhachev to turn Twitter reply screenshot into NFT


  • Islam Makhachev shares a screenshot of Rafael dos Anjos doubting his fighting prowess.
  • Makhachev recently took a stab at Rafael dos Anjos on Twitter for doing so.
  • Makhachev expressed his desire to make an NFT out of his Twitter reply to Rafael dos Anjos.

The lightweight champ and veteran fighter Islam Makhachev shared a screenshot of a tweet by Rafael dos Anjos questioning his contendership: “Is this guy a top contender??”

In 2021, Rafael dos Anjos expressed his doubts about Makhachev’s contendership in this tweet.

Recently, Islam Makhachev took a jibe at Rafael dos Anjos on Twitter for doubting and questioning his physical prowess back in 2021. 

Islam Makhachev shared that legendary screenshot with this title in his new tweet. 

Can we make NFT out of this? legendary one

In the past, both the Brazilian and  Islam Makhachev were scheduled to fight three times, which never say the day of light.

In fact, they were supposed to fight the Dagestani prior to Rafael dos Anjos’ match against another veteran fighter Renato Carneiro at UFC 272. But the Brazilian claimed Makhachev had turned down the match right before the scheduled date, almost at the last minute.

The former lightweight champ Charles Oliveira and The Dagestani fought the match of UFC 280, where Makhachev became the undisputed champion of the lightweight division, stunning the audience.

FYI, Charles Oliveira bags the highest submission victories in the UFC (16). Islam Makhachev’s submission win against Oliveira astounded and impressed fans of the sport.