Doge co-founder rejects $14 million offer to promote Dogechain


  • Dogecoin founder, Marcus rejects the $14 million offer to promote Dogechain.
  • The founder chose not to betray the DOGE community.
  • He was applauded on Twitter for his loyalty to the community.

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus reportedly rejects a $14 million offer to promote the shady project Dogechain. He stood for the DOGE community and its investors by deciding not to betray them for money.

The co-founder is being applauded on Twitter for being loyal to the DOGE community. One of the Twitter users who goes by the name Vee said,

@BillyM2k turning down this much money to avoid betraying your community is worthy of our deepest respect.

According to his Twitter post, Dogechain had offered Marcus 10 DC, which is currently $14 million, to promote their project. The Twitter user went on to appreciate Marcus saying that it’s hard to come across people like Marcus who stays true to their project and community. He also mentioned that Marcus rejected the money despite not being able to buy a house for himself.

Vee also observed that Dogecoin influencers betray the community for money and quick profits these days. There is rarely anyone like Billy who displays the same level of dedication and loyalty to the community.

Marcus reacted to Vee’s post, saying it’s hard to protect the Dogecoin community these days as people have their own minds. Most crypto influencers are money-minded and will go to any length to make money, even betray the project and community.

Marcus, in his Twitter post said,

to be fair, I personally don’t think we can protect “the community” from anything since people are free to make their own decisions, and the huge majority of people in crypto couldn’t care less about anything but making money all you’ll see are things repeat themselves forever.

He also added,

like personally i don’t even think it’s my place to encourage people to buy dogecoin.

Right from the start, Marcus is dedicated to protecting the Dogecoin investors and community. He had also threatened to sue a popular crypto YouTuber Matt Wallace for allegedly planning to abuse DOGE’s trademark for his profit.

Wallace was planning to launch a cryptocurrency, Accept DOGE by leveraging the popularity of Dogecoin. Later, he was forced by DOGE supporters and Marcus to change the name to Accept Cryptocurrency (ACEPT).