Donald Trump calls his NFT collection “cute”


  • Donald Trump launched his NFT collection of artwork.
  • He said it was not for investment and found the art to be cute.
  • The total collection till now has reached more than $9.6 million.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America, said that he is going to launch his NFT collection. According to him, his images were “sort of cute,” and he liked the art.

The two-time impeached former Commander in Chief and one-time television personality, in an interview with One America News, said that the Trump Digital Trading Cards were for an artistic endeavor, not for making an investment.

The NFT trading cards were launched at the beginning of this month, teasing them by citing “a major announcement.” Many Trump supporters had criticized the $99-a-piece Polygon NFTs and refused to buy them when they dropped. Others are finding watermarks on the images and claiming the pictures are stolen stock photos.

In an interview, Trump said that he loved the art. “I’m looking at this stuff, and I’m saying, ‘that’s sort of cute, that might sell.’ It is set like a record. “It’s been incredible,”  Trump said.

The cards were promoted as the “amazing art of [Trump’s] life and career.” The art showed Trump as an astronaut, a superhero, a cowboy, etc., among the other costumes and poses.

Trump was asked why he wanted to launch NFT when the crypto market was crashing. He again mentioned he “didn’t view it as an investment” and found the arts cute.

The tokens of NFTs linked to digital or somewhat physical things, like art or music, did not work well last year. But the interest in the assets has waned since the crypto market started trading in a bearish stance.

NFTs buyers were offered a meet and greet, that is, a dinner with Trump. Due to this, Trump’s NFTs were sold out in just one day. But gradually, since then, the floor price dipped like people’s interest dropped in the tokens. According to CryptoSlam, the collection so far has raked in $9.6 million in total.