ENS and Coinbase join forces to enhance Web3 accessibility and build Web3 identity.


  • A partnership between ENS and Coinbase was announced recently to make Web3 more accessible.
  • Via the partnership, users will have access to “cb id” usernames.
  • The partnership has been a crucial step for Coinbase and ENS, especially in promoting the adoption of Web3
  • The community members claim that the number of users on the pertinent websites will rise with this move.

As revealed recently, ENS, an Ethereum-based name service provider, and Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, joined forces. Now, after the revelation of this partnership, the users will have access to “cb id” usernames, thanks to the collaboration. Following the announcement on Twitter, the followers were amazed and really excited. 

Web3 users with “cb id” usernames will be able to create a decentralized digital identity. Those with “cb ids” linked to their Coinbase wallets can quickly connect and exchange currency with others. This will encourage frictionless transactions and improve accessibility for web3, as per ENS’s official tweet.

On the Coinbase wallet extension, users can use these usernames. Users of the .ens or .eth extensions can also link their usernames to their Coinbase wallets. The expansion of both the linked businesses and the promotion of Web3 have greatly benefited from this action.

This collaboration has aided ENS in gaining significant traction. August’s new registrations were only 301.6k, compared to 378.8k in July. On the other hand, September has been operating steadily and is already similar to August’s numbers at 294.5k. 

If the acceleration persists, 147k new registrations would be added to the digits in the next ten days, resulting in a stronger result than in July.

For Coinbase and ENS, the alliance has been a crucial move, particularly in encouraging the adoption of Web3. The community members assert that this action will increase the number of users on the relevant sites.