Former Amazon, Starbucks executive released Thred, a startup to discover and review NFTs


  • Ben Starley, a former executive at Amazon and Starbucks, has launched an NFT-based startup, Thred.
  • The firm, which is like Yelp, will allow users to discover new NFT collections.
  • Thred is currently compatible with Polygon and Ethereum-inspired NFT collections.

Thred, a startup based on NFT, has been released to support users in finding new collections. Founder and CEO of Thred, Ben Straley, said that he considers the startup to be similar to popular companies like Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Zillow. 

Straley is quite experienced in the fields of both digital products as well as customer experience leadership. Previously, he headed Amazon’s worldwide outbound marketing and deals besides being the VP of worldwide digital products at Starbucks. He has also served in various other roles. 

While being at Amazon and Starbucks, Straley learned how to use data and machine learning to enhance the customer experience. 

Thred is the combination of automated machine learning and algorithms to help the ranking of NFT collections on Polygon and Ethereum. This is followed by ranking every NFT collection’s eligibility and merging it with customer, collector, and community content. 

Users can explore, read, and share reviews of an NFT collection to enable buyers to get a better understanding of the collections and find out which among them are reliable, faulty, or unclear. 

The startup is compatible with Polygon and Ethereum-based NFT collections, though it will consider growing to other chains such as Solana and Bitcoin in the future.