Gigabyte Technology & AORUS Launch Metaverse of Lucknow Super Giants


  • Gigabyte Technology and its gaming brand AORUS launch a metaverse of the team.
  • The platform will be a delight for fans who can’t visit the cricket stadium physically.
  • Both the team and fans will get a chance to come closer and bond better.

Considering the fondness of Lucknow Super Giants’ fans and to take their cricket experience to another level, Gigabyte Technology along with its gaming brand AORUS has launched a metaverse of the franchise.

Being one-of-its-kind and something happening for the first time in India, this move will appease the fans and connect them with the sport and players even closer.

Cricket is one of those sports that’s followed religiously in the country and has fans in almost every home. Sadly, not everyone can visit the stadium and enjoy the game right in front of their eyes. Respecting the emotions of such fans, this platform will offer them a whole new experience. Virtual creation of a cricket stadium featuring a curved façade and a spiral walkway at the front will be treat to the eyes and a pleasure to the heart.

Making it all look real, the virtual experience will also have exclusively designed panels along the stadium’s internal walls, where visitors can view player stats and try on their jerseys. Talking about the external walls of the stadium, they will be covered in vibrant custom artwork that will create the unparalleled spirit of Lucknow through dancers, musicians and place-specific details.

Visitors can be a part of the special meet-and-greet, where they can meet their cricket idols in a virtual surrounding. Moreover, they can win a GIGABYTE PC by competing in a PC assembly game. To add more to this pleasant experience, visitors will be enabled to explore featured GIGABYTE devices in a beautiful product lounge.

Gigabyte AORUS Launch Metaverse
Lucknow Super Gaint’s Stadium in Metaverse

Sunil Grewal, Director of GIGABYTE INDIA said that everyone working at GIGABYTE is excited about the launch and hopes it will offer a marvellous experience to all the cricket fans. In his statement, he said:

We at GIGABYTE are very excited about the Metaverse project in partnership with Lucknow Super Giants and XRC. We will be bringing to fans an immersive experience that will enthrall them for sure. At GIGABYTE we strive to make our community experience future ready/ world-class products. And, this will be a perfect opportunity for them to know more about our brand and products.

Raghu Iyer, CEO of Lucknow Super Giants said:

We are really excited about Gigabyte’s and Aorus’ metaverse project for our team’s supporters. Being our technology partners, It’s fitting that they create a tech platform providing a unique experience (/topic/tech-platform-providing-a-unique-experience) to engage fans and delight them. It will not only be interesting for the team’s fans but for our players as well.