Jump.trade – Meta Hunter #540 Cricket NFT Sold for $380


  • Jump.trade shared selling of Meta Hunter #540 cricket NFT for $380.
  • Jump.trade allows purchase of Cricket NFTs from 2 categories.
  • Meta Hunters offers a unique experience to gamify the collection of NFT.

Jump.trade is the NFT marketplace to trade legendary NFTs or also popular as the number one marketplace to purchase worldโ€™s first P2E cricket game non-fungible tokens. Sports enthusiasts can purchase NFT bats, players and signed iconic NFTs commemorating World Cup final matches.

Taking to its Twitter Jump.trade shared selling of Meta Hunter #540 cricket NFT for $380.

At Jump.trade NFT marketplace, buying Cricket NFTs is possible from 2 categories- Meta Cricket League NFTs and the Meta Cricket League Signed Bat NFTs.

Meta Hunters aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to gamify the NFT collecting as well as the way a community operates. Owners get access to future games and challenges after minting a unique Meta Hunter. These challenges and games play out in the NFT market.

Purchasing a cricket NFT is similar to purchasing something from an auction or an exhibition. ICC or International Cricket Council has started its NFT collection of legendary cricket moments from ICC events.

On April 22, Jump.trade sold out 55,000 Meta Cricket League (MCL) NFTs within 9 minutes when the Cricket NFTs drop went live at 5 PM. Each NFT was priced at $25 and was designed across various algorithmically designed drop packs namely metaverse cricket team players NFTs and signed digital NFTs of legends.