GOALS, a Gaming Startup, Has Raised $15 Million to Develop an NFT-Based FIFA

  • Real-life football players will not be licensed for the game by GOALS.
  • To appeal to a wider audience, GOALS will employ an arcade-style approach.
  • Players will be able to exchange their in-game valuables for real money.

GOALS, a Sweden gaming company, has received a $15 million seed funding to help develop an NFT-based alternative for FIFA. The round was led by Northzone, with previous investors Cherry Ventures and Moonfire Venture, sands Banana Capital.

Angel investors with high profiles include Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona player, Axie infinity COO Aleksander Larsen, and Nicolas Julia, cofounder of Sorare.

Today, GOALS revealed their game concept. It will be a free-to-play multiplayer mobile and a desktop football game that features NFT in-game assets. Users can purchase and own them. GOALS, unlike FIFA, will not license real-life footballers due to its prohibitively high price.

Andreas Thorstensson, co-founder and CEO, intends to break FIFA’s monopoly in football video games. According to him, FIFA is “not innovating in terms of gameplay” and is “focused on income.”

“That’s where a startup has a real opportunity to defeat them.” “However, we want to handle things differently,” Thorstensson told Sifted.

GOALS foregoes FIFA’s realistic, high-definition gameplay in favor of a more arcade-like approach to their game. This is done for the game to appeal to a broader audience rather than simply die-hard football fans.

While both FIFA and GOALS enable players to earn and purchase in-game assets, GOALS intends to provide players the option of exchanging in-game goods for real money; something FIFA does not allow.

GOALS differs from the majority of blockchain games that are play-to-earn. The game operates on a play-and-own premise, allowing users to earn and completely own their NFTs while playing for free.

Players can also purchase assets from other users, the GOALS marketplace, or third-party supported sites.

To reduce friction as GOALS intends to enroll millions of players, the platform will set up a custodial wallet for customers through its security-audited identity provider, so users won’t have to learn about blockchain, wallets, and private keys or pay gas costs to begin playing the game.

GOALS has already garnered an 8,000-member Discord group, where fans can view early versions of the game for feedback. Thorstensson wants the game to be as inclusive as possible and has appointed an Inclusion Lead to help him achieve this goal.

Thorstensson stated that the game’s rough internal version would be ready this summer, and the entire product will be available in two to three years.

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