Goobers’ founder lost all his money gambling


  • J.M. Smucker apologized for spending investors’ money on gambling.
  • Goobers is a collection of 15,000 entirely unique NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The Goobers market price floor is $25.67, with total sales of 0.16 ETH.

The inventor of the Goobers NFT DNP3 acknowledged gambling with user money. Goobers debuted in September 2021, with a total trading volume of 968 ETH. DNP3 is also the creator of the web3 game Gridcraft Network as well as the cryptocurrency CluCoin.

On TwitLonger, the founder wrote an apology letter. He explained his addiction to gambling. spending all his money on stakes in order to win huge money. Even after winning a lot of money, he wasn’t satisfied with the amount. 

After losing everything on gambling—his personal savings and investor money irresponsibly—he is ashamed. He is entirely broken financially and spiritually. He is now seeking assistance from self-help groups in order to gain knowledge and learn the meaning of life.

He also mentioned his next steps for each project. He is working with CLU, Xenia, Gridcraft, and Goobers.

The J.M. Smucker Firm launched Goober under the Smucker brand. Goobers is a collection of 15,000 completely unique and randomized NFTs kept on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Goober has a unique set of gadgets, clothes, animations, and whatever they claim to be a mind. The current price floor for Goobers is $25.67, with a 24-hour total sales volume of 0.16 ETH.

Each Goober has set out into the world in search of an object to use as its mind in order to avoid capture by the massive corporation ChemiCo. The Goobers utilize their unique mental capacity to stay concealed in plain sight by wearing various hats, clothes, jewelry, and animations to disguise their identities in a goofy yet trendy manner.

Along with spectacular, elevated artworks and inventive animations, each Goober NFT entitles its user to exclusive privileges, exclusive NFTs, and entry to the GooberVerse.