Holding LUNA 2.0 – A Wise Decision or Another Disappointment?


  • Holding LUNA or not can’t be predicted owing to the volatile nature of cyrptocurrency space.
  • Terra Watcher believes in collecting LUNA for governance.
  • As of now, the Terra team and developers are occupied with the new project.

What does the destiny look like for LUNA in the coming months? Is holding Terra LUNA 2.0 a wise decision or not? As per analysts, coming to a concrete conclusion is almost impossible.

According to WalletInvestor, LUNA is an awesome investment and will enjoy a bullish growth. In November 2022, the token is expected to surpass $50. Its LUNA crypto price prediction for one year’s time is $61.89 and will climb to $303.22 in five years’ time.

Terra Watcher too sees potential in LUNA and believes it must be collected for governance. According to its latest tweet, “LUNA is valuable because it controls the Terra 2 network via governance.”

Moving on to DigitalCoinPrice, LUNA won’t cross the $1 mark again. According to LUNA’s crypto future prediction, it will stay at an average price of $0.00020 in 2022. It is in 2025 when it will climb marginally with an average price of $0.00029. By 2031, its Terra Luna coin price prediction foresees it to climb to $0.00079.

Gov.capital predicts Terra LUNA 2.0 to climb close to the $100 mark in a year. Its Terra LUNA price prediction projects it will race above $900 in 2027 to $913.31.

Meanwhile, PricePrediction.net doesn’t predict any recovery and the cryptocurrency will only have an average $0.0006 price point in 2025. It will hit $0.002 in 2028 and is expected to reach $0.004 in 2030.

EconomyWatch’s says LUNA 2.0 will climb to a valuation of $100. It further says that by 2030, more of society will be blockchain-based, which will result in LUNA being valued at $150.

All in all, coming to any conclusion isn’t possible. Things change quickly in the cryptocurrency world. Coins with initial success can become irrelevant in no time, something that looks true for LUNA. With its stablecoin losing its peg and the price of LUNA dropping in recent weeks, Terra’s new project looks struggling to rebuild its lost reputation.