How to list NFTs on GameStop marketplace? A step-by-step guide

GameStop, a renowned consumer electronics and video gaming retailer, has a range of unique accessories and gaming systems. The GameStop NFT marketplace enables users to buy, mint and sell non-fungible tokens

If you are looking forward to finding out how to list an NFT for sale on the GameStop marketplace, adjust its selling price and unlist it from sale, follow the below given step-by-step guidelines.

First things first, you need to own an NFT from a collection that was minted on or indexed by Gamestop NFT. 

1. Open your profile menu and click the arrow next to your wallet address to access the profile page.

2. Click the NFT you want to sell to open the NFT detail page. 

3. Under “Actions” click “Manage NFT.”

4. From here, you can list your NFT for sale, transfer it to another wallet or withdraw it to Layer-1. Click “List for Sale.” 

5. Enter the price you want to sell it for in ETH.

6. If you have more than one edition of the same NFT, you can list the number of editions you want to sell at that price. 

7. You will see details regarding fee as well as royalty.

8. Upon confirming, you will be asked to approve the transactions in your wallet. 

9. Your NFT will be listed for sale.

10. After listing the NFT, you can manage your listings by returning to the NFT detail page.

11. Click the three dots and under “Actions” click “Manage listings.”

12. You can adjust the sale price or unlist the NFT from sale by clicking “Actions.”

Editions for distinctive prices

It is possible to sell NFT editions for different prices. By default, the NFT shows the minimum price. However, making any change to the price of an NFT doesn’t disturb the default display order in the collection. 

NFT price adjustment 

It is important to know that NFTs listed below .0005 ETH or else purchase might not be processed. 


1. How much is the fee to list an NFT on the GameStop NFT marketplace?

Listing NFTs on GameStop is free; however, a fee is charged when an item is sold. 

2. Does GameStop support bulk uploading?

As of now, there’s no feature about bulk uploading or bulk listing. It is suggested not to make a bot or script to mint since this will lock the content. 

3. Can I list more than one edition?

Yes, you can list multiple editions. The price set for the particular group is the price for each edition. 

4. Is there a royalty fee on GameStop?

Creators charge fees for the NFTs created by them. This is completely up to them and could vary between 0% to 10%.

5. Can I change the price of an NFT listing?

Yes, you can adjust the NFT listing price via the “Manage listings” feature.