Ways to promote an NFT for free & as paid

As exciting as it is to create an NFT, selling it is quite a daunting task, especially if one isn’t an influencer or celebrity with tons of followers. It is for this reason that promoting an NFT is the first thing to do before trying to sell it. However, there are a bunch of other reasons too, which we are going to discover ahead. 

Importance of promoting an NFT 

Here are some key reasons that make promotion of an NFT mandatory.

  • When an NFT is promoted, it grabs the attention of everyone who is fond of it and doesn’t mind spending whatever it takes to have it. 
  • Promotion not only helps to reach the collectors but also opens up possibilities of amazing partnerships with other artists in the future. 
  • Promoting the NFT also helps the artist to gain recognition for themselves and make a place for themselves in the list of known artists. 
  • Of course, the better an NFT is promoted, the better are its chances of selling at its maximum possible price.

Free ways to promote an NFT project 

An NFT project can be promoted in both paid as well as free ways. Though we will dig in the former ways too, let’s begin the free ways first.

  1. Partnership with influencers or brands
  2. Social media presence
  3. Collaboration with promising NFT creators
  4. Listing on NFT marketplace & directories
  5. Giveaway campaigns
  6. Writing blogs
  7. Collaboration with media outlets

1. Partnership with influencers or brands

To create awareness about an NFT project, collaborating with influencers or brands is undoubtedly the first way out. This is because both influencers and brands have massive following as well as a loyal community, which makes it easy to convince the maximum number of people to consider the NFT and even buy it. 

Also, people like to get recommendations from reputed and successful people, which again is beneficial to helping the NFT reach its full potential and catch attention. 

There’s no doubt that brands can lead to more exposure, but not every artist can afford them. For such artists, working with influencers is the best way to promote the NFT drop for free.

2. Social media presence

The world is being dominated by social media platforms on a global level. Social media channels offer quality engagement in terms of NFT buffs; therefore, it is always good to create accounts on multiple channels such as YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, etc. 

Check out some tips to get started-

  • Following similar accounts as well as accounts that look useful and discovering how they engage with the masses and followers. 
  • Interacting with more and more people, engaging in groups and commenting wherever it looks useful. 
  • Involving in conversations to see how others share their views about NFTs and finding out how they see NFTs.

Being a part of the Discord community is also a very promising way to promote an NFT project. From communicating to joining discussions and sharing the NFT, everything is possible there. Moreover, artists can manage their community with Discord bots, as they are useful and provide several actionable insights. 

3. Collaboration with promising NFT creators

Partnering with potential NFT creators is a decent way to enjoy more visibility and recognition for the NFT project. Collaboration has its own set of benefits and may lead to favorable deals or agreements with brands ambassadors and events. 

Artists can partner with other artists who belong to different industries like art, music, games and more. Adding on, when two or more artists come together, they can plan and discuss their approach, form better decisions and benefit each other. 

4. Listing on NFT marketplace & directories

Listing the NFT project on marketplaces and directories is always a good approach and its importance increases when an artist lacks a stable community behind their NFT. Millions of visitors are a part of such platforms on a regular basis, something profitable for the visibility and success of the NFT.  The only downside is the growing competition. 

To attract potential prospects for the project and seek exposure as the artist behind the NFT, marketplaces and directories are a reliable way. Listing on multiple platforms increases the chances of success. 

Some of the popular NFT marketplaces include:

A few websites that offer free directory listings are-

  • https://www.todaynftnews.com/add-new-event/
  • https://www.nft-stats.com/list-project
  • https://www.nextnftdrop.com/submit-your-project/
  • https://notfin.com/submit-a-project/
  • https://www.nfthub.xyz/directory
  • https://nftvibe.io/list-your-project
  • https://nftsocial.network/login/
  • https://algonft.net/
  • https://nftprojectlist.com/submit-project/

Besides NFT marketplaces and directories, an NFT can also be listed on the NFT calendar.

5. Giveaway campaigns

Anyone who is on social media can swear by the potential of giveaways. All that’s needed to be done is asking the audience to participate in a competition or challenge with certain terms & conditions. As a result, it gets easy to discover more people and move further on the path of success. 

An NFT artist can create an airdrop to encourage people to find out more about the project and what it is all about. Another possibility is airdropping certain NFTs in the latest collection in the form of a teaser. 

The NFT community is fascinated by NFT giveaways regarding the upcoming collections. To thank the participants, giving away the collectibles or physical pieces of the art is a smart move. All in all, giveaways boost the followers, create the needed hype around the NFT and make  more & more NFT enthusiasts discover it. 

6. Writing blogs 

Blogs act as a push to enhance the organic visibility of NFTs. Research about the most usual concerns or queries and sharing information about them is all it takes to reach the masses through the power of words. 

By incorporating the trending keywords, optimizing the content, including an effectual meta description and through reader-friendly language, a blog can be made to act as the key to name, fame, exposure and impeccable reach. 

When all the above elements are executed right, blogs are featured in the top search results, which eventually leads to organic traffic and takes the visibility level to a whole new level. 

7. Collaboration with media outlets

Though this is a good way to promote the NFTs, partnering with top media outlets like BeinCrypto, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, etc. is not easy for the new artists. Fortunately, they can collaborate with small as well as startup media outlets like TodayNFTNews

These platforms not only accept the press releases and publish them on their website but also do so for free. However, the NFT project must be unique and promising. 

Paid ways promote NFTs

Moving on from the free ways to promote an NFT project, let’s now find out the paid ways to do the same.

  1. Press releases and sponsored articles
  2. AMA on Telegram
  3. Influencer marketing
  4. Paid NFT marketplaces & directories
  5. Paid advertising

1. Press releases and sponsored articles

Press releases and sponsored articles or blogs are a good way to gain popularity on the most famous and followed platforms. The PR or articles can include information about the NFT so that maximum people get an idea about it and what to expect out of it. This pushes them to make a decision of buying it. 

The paid channels have experience in promoting the NFT project via posting their drops as well as sharing them to masses through newsletters. 

2. AMA on Telegram 

These sessions are phenomenal and work wonders in introducing the project to the community on a closer level, understanding its concept, knowing about the project executives and leaders and plans of the NFT project. 

On Telegram, AMA sessions are very popular and promote the NFT project through discussions. An NFT artist can organize AMA in large Telegram chats to pull new users. Internal AMA inside the Telegram community is another way for effective promotion. 

3. Influencer marketing

Social media presence and impact of NFT influencers separate an NFT artist from common people. They have more people who trust their words, their suggestions and opt for things they talk about. It is because of these reasons, influencer marketing always works. Though it might cost a bit more on the pocket, this word-of-mouth marketing is definitely rewarding.

Reaching influencers who belong to the NFT world is a direct way to get noticed. Working with such influencers on deals can boost the NFT project promotion on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and more. Generally, the charges of a Twitter influencer starts from $50.

4. Paid NFT marketplaces & directories 

New artists can show their work in the best way through marketplaces and directories. A directory features new NFTs and shares details about the artists, their background, the team behind and their work. 

By featuring the work, chances of monetizing the NFT increase to a great extent. Furthermore, many NFT enthusiasts prefer directories to find the best artists, which is not easy otherwise. 

5. Paid advertising

Planning a budget for paid advertising is the way towards as much exposure as possible. Running Google ads and social media ads bring unexpected results and increase possibilities of effective promotion in minimum time.

It is worth knowing that the click-through rate of video ads is quite higher. Also, they have a high rate of engagement. Owing to these reasons, short videos featuring the idea and story of the NFT project like a teaser are recommended, as they lead to excitement among the NFT freaks. 


1. How do I make my NFT popular?

You can popularize your NFT by promoting it on social media, sharing blogs about it, partnering with influencers, creating a website, joining Discord, through NFT calendar and more ways. 

2. How to boost an NFT for free?

Creating a dedicated website, taking help from social media platforms, featuring it on the NFT calendar, listing the NFT on marketplaces and collaborating with other creators are some of the best ways to boost an NFT for free.

3. How to get NFT rarity?

A token’s ranking can be found by locating the token ID in the individual NFT’s listing details section on any marketplace. This step is followed by typing the token ID in the ‘Check Your NFT’ field. Click ‘Check’ and it’s done. 

4. How do I list my NFT on rarity tools?

Visit rarity tools’ official website and read the given explanations before you begin. You need to pay for the listing and assure that the project doesn’t have any illegal or objectionable material. Final step includes filling up a form given on the website to do the listing. 

5. How does rarity tools score work?

Rarity tools states that the overall rarity score of a non-fungible token is the combined total of the rarity score of all trait values in a particular NFT. 

6. How do I promote my NFT collection on Instagram?

Follow these suggestions:
1. Create a community
2. Partner with other NFT artists or creators
3. Share quality and effectual content about and related to the NFT
4. Conduct giveaways

7. Is an NFT allowed on Discord?

Yes, platforms like Discord allow NFTs and even have NFT communities.

8. How to link the NFT with the Discord server?

Clicking on the Discord icon that’s on the NFT project’s website redirects to the Discord server of that particular project.  
On the left side of the screen, a list of servers appear. Their order can be rearranged by dragging the icon of the server to the desired location.