A tutorial on how to purchase an NFT on GameStop

If you are fond of buying NFTs and planning to buy one on the GameStop marketplace, a detailed tutorial will ease the process. Check out the steps mentioned below to make your first purchase on GameStop a smooth experience.

To purchase an NFT on the GameStop marketplace, a funded and activated wallet has to be connected with the L2 address.

1. Next up is browsing the “Explore” tab to find the NFT of one’s choice. Collections or NFTs can be browsed here.

2. After selecting the NFT, the page will redirect to the NFT Details Page. Here, “Buy Now.”

3. Based on the number NFT editions choose the quantity you are interested in buying.  Select “Confirm Payment” followed by signing the transaction through the wallet.

4. The NFT has been bought.


1. How to decide which NFT to buy on GameStop?

You can use services like NFT scoring and rarity checker to compare unique NFTs. Check the rarity score of different NFTs, view the most profitable ones in different collections and check the data to estimate the performance of NFTs in the coming time. 

2. Can I purchase cryptocurrency on GameStop Wallet?

GameStop has its digital asset wallet which enables gamers as well as others to send, receive, store and use both NFTs and cryptocurrencies across decentralized apps.

3. How purchasing NFTs on GameStop marketplace is different from purchasing items on the GameStop eCommerce store?

To buy NFTs, crypto is used and buyers are the custodian of their funds. They have control on transactions done from their wallet. On the other hand, on the eCommerce store, customer support executives and payment processors are the third-parties in the transactions.

Also, NFTs can be bought directly from brands, artists and secondhand sellers. Lastly, transactions are done through a public blockchain on the GameStop marketplace. These are some other points that separate the marketplace from the eCommerce store. 

4. What factors decide the buying cost of an NFT?

The purchase cost is based on two factors:
1. The listing price, as it refers to the price which is set and collected by the seller.
2. The network fee is another factor and is also known as the gas. It is paid to the Ethereum blockchain or Layer

5. Is there a fee to connect to GameStop NFT?

GameStop NFT is completely free to connect to though certain transactions made on the marketplace have associated fees.