Invisible Friends: The stylish NFT characters with a bright fortune

A part of the RCC or Random Character Collective initiative, Invisible Friends is an Ethereum-themed NFT created by Markus Magnusson. Extensive marketing and advertising of the NFT made the project quite anticipated. What’s more? Check out!

What is Invisible Friends NFT?

The NFTs are a collection of over 5,000 animated NFTs. It’s creator, Markus Magnusson, described Invisible Friends as:

It’s for people who are still kids at heart. People who just wanna have a bit of fun on the internet. Just the very easy-going type of person that has a good taste in art. 

The collection had a rare and novel art design with a mint price of 0.25ETH, one reason that gave the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) huge acceptance.  

The floor price on the first day of selling was 15 ETH, and the sales volume was over $6.8 million. 

Like their name, Invisible Friends lack visible anatomy have a range of stylish clothes, funky accessories, and more. To be precise, every NFT is an animated character in a walking motion.

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The path behind the success 

Golden Friend Charity Launch- The collection was sold for $1.3MM. The entire amount was donated to charity.

The hefty $5.2MM- Minting led to $3.5MM while the remaining $1.7MM were from OpenSea (99.4%) and LooksRare (0.6%).

Royalty on OpenSea- Invisible Friends has a 5% royalty on the secondary marketplace.

Followers count- The project’s impressive following on Discord & Twitter speaks a lot.

Utility of Invisible Friends

Owners of Invisible Friends NFTs have direct access to merchandise and members-only events. Also, they have priority access to special NFT collections as well as free airdrops.

For example, genesis owners will get an exclusive edition of Kith Friends. With time, these Friends will change accessories and clothes, as per the latest Kith designs. Moreover, the owners will claim each and every product in the Kith for Invisible Friends Capsule Collection that will launch in February 2023.

The roadmap of Invisible Friends

Must say, the collection has a promising roadmap. Discover it below-

Partnership with Kith

The project’s collaboration with Kith, the streetwear brand, looks promising for the future of the NFTs. A rare and stylish streetwear collection was launched on May 18 on OpenSea.

Besides the NFTs wearing clothes from the new collection, NFT owners too will get the same items as worn by their Invisible Friend.


Another ray of hope is programming at NFT NYC that allows owners to access 3D versions of their physical toys and NFT.  

3D friends

The team has announced creating 3D friends by the end of summer this year. 

OG Toys

The OG Friends will allow the owners of the NFT to acquire an OG toy like a collectible.

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Garbage Friends

This new collection is the last announcement for 2022. The team is looking forward to promoting new non-fungible tokens in the same universe. However, how the two collections will be combined is not known.

How to buy Invisible Friends?

Here are the steps to make Invisible yours.

  • Invisible Friends is based on Ethereum; hence, Ether is a must.  
  • An Ethereum compatible wallet is the next requirement. Metamask is always a great option to store Ether and use it to pay. There are various other wallets too. 
  • OpenSea is the perfect marketplace to purchase an Invisible Friends NFT. After picking the NFT, its amount is deducted from the wallet, which makes one the owner of the NFT. The NFT can be purchased directly or via auction.

Why buy Invisible Friends?

Certain factors make the collection worth giving a thought. First things first, the NFT belongs to RCC, and history has it that projects launched under it have got success. Moving on, there’s a powerful community to propel the project ahead. Furthermore, upon earning 31.3 million in just seven days of sales, the collection was among the most sold-out NFTs.


Invisible Friends is a break from the usual NFTs. By providing access to events as well as a fashion item drops, ignoring this collection is surely impossible. Having said that, keeping high hopes from this NFT seems worthy.