IOHK announces the successful execution of the Vasil mainnet HFC event for Cardano


  • IOHK announces the successful launch of the Vasil mainnet HFC on the Cardano blockchain.
  • The Vasil Hard Fork on the Cardano blockchain is expected to be bringing notable enhancements to Cardano in terms of performance and capabilities.
  • This hard fork is considered one of the most ambitious programs of work the team has undertaken, and the new Plutus V2 cos model will be active on the chain.

In a recent announcement made by Input Output Hong Kong, IOHK, the Vasil mainnet hard fork event was successful, and the Vasil features have been deployed on the Cardano blockchain

On September 23, 2022, 21:44:00 UTC, the IOG team, in collaboration with the Cardano Foundation, managed to successfully hard fork the Cardano mainnet via an HFC event, thus deploying new Vasil features to the chain.

As revealed by Input Output Hong Kong, the Vasil upgrade is expected to bring notable performance and capability enhancements to Cardano. The enhancements will range from higher throughput capability via diffusion pipelining to a better developer experience with much improved script performance, lower costs and efficiency. 

The upgrade will be taking place in 2 phases:

  1. The Vasil network upgrade and hard fork
  2. The Plutus V2 Cost Model network upgrade

The Vasil upgrade on the Cardano blockchain was the most anticipated one and is considered the most ambitious program of work that they have undertaken. The day of launch marks the culmination of months of hard work, not just for the IOG team and the teams behind the Cardano Foundation but for the whole community. 

IOHK announced via Twitter that the new Plutus V2 cost model is going to be active on the chain on September 27, at the beginning of the new epoch. It will facilitate the opening of full Vasil functionality for the developer community. 

Input Output thanked everyone involved for the amazing collaborative effort on the road to the Vasil hard fork on the Cardano blockchain. 

A day before the Vasil Hard Fork event, a joint IOG and Cardano Foundation team was set to utilize the hard fork to deploy Vasil at the protocol level thus, facilitating the availability of new capabilities for developers in order to utilize on mainnet. also shared a tweet extending support to the Cardano (ADA) Network Upgrade and Hard Fork.