XRP users are hitting recent comments on their SEC compliance


  • The XRP community and the founder of Cardano are at odds.
  • Their discussion of the SEC is a grand conspiracy by Charles Hoskinson.
  • He thinks the entire XRP incident shouldn’t have occurred since it is disastrous for the sector.

The Ripple (XRP) community and Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson got into a heated disagreement over the latter’s lengthy legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. According to XRP backers, former SEC director William Hinman had a conflict of interest with Ethereum officials while serving in that capacity. Additionally, compared to representatives from other crypto firms, Hinman reportedly met with them more frequently.

Hoskinson even voiced his stance on Twitter sharing:

The XRP community did not like these remarks. Hoskinson “is a fine man,” but according to a user named @digitalassetbuy, his viewpoint on the current XRP controversy is incorrect. The user stated that they are open to talking about which information is factual and which is a conspiracy. I’ve always had conflicting feelings on this, and I suppose explaining them would take more depth than the internet can provide.

The creator of Cardano voiced his disappointment with the cryptocurrency community’s response to his comments in an early-morning Twitter discussion. Reiterating his previous claim, he said that “analysing the claims of corruption tends to suggest that Ethereum should also be sued by the SEC but wasn’t because of relationships.”

He also thinks that the whole XRP incident shouldn’t have happened since it is bad for the sector and that regulation through enforcement is also wrong. He also charged the government’s legislative branch with egregious negligence for failing to enact new legislation addressing emerging technologies’ effects. In addition, the Cardano’s founder and the XRP community also recently engaged in a heated debate.