LAND staking is live. Users can stake LAND & earn AXS


  • LAND staking is now live, and users can stake their LAND.
  • Upon release of gameplay for LAND, LAND Staking rewards will transition to be rewarded through active gameplay.
  • Rewards are 11,194.62 AXS AXS per day and vary on the basis of the rarity level of the staked LAND.

A day before, we reported that LAND Staking is under process and Axie Infinity has announced restarting Ronin Bridge. Today, LAND Staking is life, which is a step towards providing NFT holders an interactive, beautiful, and rewarding experience.

Up to 3 three LAND plots can be staked per transaction. 

The growth and success of Axie Infinity have opened up opportunities to create an extensive vision of a gaming experience for LAND that’s much more than the initial descriptions shared during Axie Infinity’s initial announcements of the gaming concept.

The LAND experience will roll out as gaming experiences that will interconnect into a massive, cohesive game.

While making LAND plots available to the community, Axie Infinity committed to acting as a resource base for AXS (governance token), thanks to the availability of several gaming experiences.

As of now, considering the growing scope of LAND, LAND holders have been enabled to stake LAND and enhance their AXS ownership as a temporary, incremental step toward Project K’s release. Increased ownership and influence over Axie Infinity’s collective ecosystem is the prime focus.

Origin, LAND, AXS staking, and more future experiences will evolve to receive rewards, better align incentives and ensure rewards add concrete value to the digital nation.

The major priority of Sky Mavis is to decentralize deliberately as well as incrementally with the community. The Sky Mavis organization is finding ways to engage the community in meaningful ways going forward.