Magic Eden & SOLidarity Arts planning NFTs to assist Turkey earthquake victims


  • The entire world is coming together to assist Turkish earthquake victims.
  • Magic Eden has announced that it will introduce a new NFT collection.
  • It will be in partnership with Solidarity Arts to assist those affected by the tragic earthquake in Turkey.

In a tweet dated February 20, 2023, Solidarity Art, a non-profit acquisition of web3 artists, affirmed plans to collaborate with Solana NFT market platform Magic Eden to unveil a new non-fungible token collection.

According to the data provided, Solidarity Art will launch the brand new NFT segment using the Magic Eden NFT launchpad. All NFT sales proceeds will be donated to those affected by Turkey’s recent earthquake.

Earlier this month, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the southeast of Turkey. Unfortunately, more than 45,000 people have died, and over a million have been displaced since the most recent massive earthquake.

STRMNFT’s recent moves are part of a surge in humanitarian aid. STRMNFT, the marketplace well-known for housing the Lady Ape Club NFT catalog, launched a similar NFT initiative to assist earthquake victims in Turkey last week.

As part of its “Pray for Turkey ” campaign, the STRMNF marketplace introduced a non-fungible token collection of 10,000 NFTs. The novel NFT collection has been royalty-free as well as cost 800 STRM.

The STRMNFT marketplace would also donate all NFT sales proceeds to Turkish residents who have lost assets due to the recent earthquake. It’s worth noting that the nation had already been experiencing double-digit inflation before the earthquake.

More well-known crypto institutions, such as popular crypto exchange Binance as well as Avalanche chain, have donated $5 million and $1 million, including both, to Turkey earthquake victims.