Metamask warn people about Fake Google Ads

  • Metamask Support is trying to warn users to be wary of scammers.
  • Fraudsters who generate duplicate counterfeit websites may purchase the first ads that appear on the search results page.
  • In Web3, keen eyes can make the difference between tripping over fraud and taking precautions.

Metamask Support is warning people to be alert of the scammers. In a tweet on January 25, 2023, Metamask warns people to check before tapping on any website on Google. Since many of the first ads that appear on the first search page may be bought by scammers who create duplicate fake websites or apps.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure web links are secure and reliable. HTTPS is a framework that secures interactions and data transmission between a web browser and a website; however, it does not ensure the website’s legitimacy.

In Web3, one’s perseverance and eager eyes can make all the difference between falling for scams and remaining safe.

MetaMask, founded in 2016 by Aaron Davis and based in San Francisco, is a decentralized, non-custodial Ethereum-based wallet that enables users to store, buy, send, transform, and exchange crypto tokens. The account is freely available. On the internet, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Brave are available as mobile apps and browser extensions. 

MetaMask only offers help through its own help center and social networks, where users can ask questions and receive responses. To consult the MetaMask customer service team, users must first create a ticket in the dialogue box at the top of the page, detailing the problem