ZachXBT exposes the fraudster behind Kumaleon NFT scam


  • Canadian scammer Chards is behind the Kumaleon NFT fraud.
  • ZachXBT connected the madman.eth address to phishing criminals.
  • Scammers bought expensive cars, watches, NFTs, and more with fraud money.

ZachXBT disclosed the scammers behind Kumaleon NFT’s phishing attack. ZachXBT tweeted that it’s a Canadian scammer known as Chards who robbed millions of dollars and spent it on luxurious automobiles, jewels, NFTs, and social networking identities. 

A few weeks earlier, the Bored Ape Discord username madman 9528 became active, displaying their ENS address madman.eth as well as BAYC 7941 and 6716. Things have gotten really fascinating since they were connected to the ENS.

ZachXBT has connected the madman.eth address to phishing criminals that looted more than 115 ETH in NFTs in September 2022 after performing extensive research. BAYC #4651 and 18 additional NFTs were among those taken.

Besides that, ZachXBT linked the same IP address to the fraudster serpentau.eth, who was behind the recent Twitter breaches of Azuki, Mutant Hounds, Chimpers, and A Kid Called Beast (AKCB).

The crypto investigator has also connected the Canadian fraudster to the Kumaleon Discord Server attack, which resulted in the loss of thousands of bitcoin and NFTs by numerous crypto investors in November. These fraudsters are suspected of stealing millions of dollars in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

A $17.5k USDC payment associated with HZ/Chase, who had their assets confiscated by the FBI as a consequence of their fraudulent operations. Surprisingly, madman.eth also acquired a $13.5k Rolex watch from the exact same watch vendor as HZ and Diablo. Madman.eth is related to the heist of BAYC 5153, getting 54 ETH shortly after the incident on the Kumaleon Discord channel.

Kumaleon apologized profusely for the hacked Discord assault on their server. The targeted account has now been permanently banned and wiped from the server, via tweet.