Netflix & Candy Digital pair-up to launch a Stranger Things NFT collection


  • Netflix and Candy Digital to treat fans with Stranger Things NFT collectibles.
  • To remain in harmony with the environment, environmentally-friendly collectibles will be produced.
  • Digital assets will be minted on the Palm blockchain.

Netflix and Candy Digital, the next generation digital collectibles company, have partnered for the production of Stranger Things NFT collectibles. Featuring 17 distinct characters from Season Four, the first collection is set to go live on July 14. 

11,111 tokens will be there including fans’ all time favorites Dustin, Eleven and Max in the first release. With just 223 NFTs, the character of Eleven will have the most limited edition. Makeup of the collectibles is artistic in nature with dynamic, poster-based artwork. 

NFT can be purchased at from 2pm EST on July 14 till 2pm EST on July 21. 

In the beginning of the week, Candy launched a Premint raffle to be joined by members of certain NFT communities like RTFKT, Adam Bomb Squad and Doodles.

Scott Lawin, CEO of Candy Digital said:

Our collaboration with Netflix showcases Candy Digital’s commitment to expanding and deepening the ways that fans interact with the content, characters, and stories they are passionate about.

The first drop,β€œThe Upside Down Series,” collectibles is priced at $11 USD for individual mystery boxes and $275 USD for the β€œHell Fire Club Bundle,” including the 17 character posters.

To offer more to the fans, other Stranger Things Season Four collectibles are under progress. As planned, they will release later this summer as well as in November for Stranger Things Day.