What is an NFT mystery box, and is it really valuable?

An NFT mystery box is just like its name and includes a random, non-fungible token that belongs to a certain NFT collection. Most of the time, the mystery box has NFTs that differ in their rarity levels. On that note, one has possibilities of getting an NFT that’s super rare and holds an unbelievable value. 

The other possibility is getting a usual non-fungible token that’s owned by others too. While the common non-fungible tokens are destined to lose value right after the first sale, unique non-fungible tokens hold value that’s more than their price, provided they remain in high demand.

NFT mystery box- a detailed view

A unique fact about NFT mystery boxes is that even without knowing what is inside, buyers don’t mind spending money on buying them. This leads to the question, “Why do people buy it when they can’t guarantee what the box contains?” 

The answer to the question in one word is, “curiosity.” Buyers expect to receive something truly unique and special in exchange for a small amount, which pushes them to get their hands on a mystery box. 

Ever since the NFT market experienced a noteworthy jump in early 2021, the craze for mystery boxes in the crypto world outgrew. Familiar with their hype among NFT enthusiasts, more and more companies have begun offering limited-edition mystery boxes with NFTs of various rarity levels. 

At present, the NFT market is flooded with thousands of such mystery boxes. While buying a box, a buyer can get a little idea of what’s inside by checking the description mentioned on the box. 

It is worth knowing that there’s more to these boxes than simple artwork. For instance, blockchain games like Metamon, Axie Infinity, and DeHero offer rare in-game products inside mystery boxes. These limited assets might be anything from skins to characters, virtual lands, or other forms of collectibles. 

Where to buy an NFT mystery box?

The NFT space has thousands of NFT collections available, and one can buy them from different NFT marketplaces. Since new NFT series launch quite often, one of the best ways to find out about new mystery boxes is via top NFT marketplaces like the Binance NFT Marketplace, Rarible, OpenSea, and SuperRare.

There are many NFT platforms that partner with popular brands to launch mystery boxes frequently. For instance, NFT mystery boxes by Vogue Singapore have artwork based on sunrises on a global level. 

Nike x RTFKT “MNLTH” NFT is another popular mystery box, which happens to be Nike’s first official NFT. The box was airdropped in February among token owners of the CloneX project as well as other RTFKT collections. The owners were allowed to open their boxes and discover what was inside months later. According to users, the mystery boxes had a pair of RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS

Buying a mystery box on Binance

Follow the steps as explained below:

1. Visit the Binance NFT Marketplace and log in to your account. Click “Register” to create an account if you don’t have it.

Click “Register”

2. On the navigation bar at the top, click “Explore.” Click “Mystery Box” to go to the Mystery Box Market.

Click “Mystery Box”

3. Select the “Unopened” filter to explore unopened NFT Mystery Boxes.

unopened NFT Mystery Boxes

4. Enter the product page by clicking on an NFT.

click on an NFT

5. Detailed information about the NFT Mystery Box, such as price, description, and contact address can be viewed. 

Detailed information about the NFT Mystery Box
Detailed info about the NFT Mystery Box

6. Check the NFT rarity ranking by clicking “Series Content.”

NFT rarity ranking
NFT rarity rank

7. To buy the mystery box, click “Buy Now.” A pop-up will appear with information about the order.  Finalize the purchase by clicking “Confirm.”

click Buy Now

Mystery box auction 

At times, the mystery box one wants to purchase is on an auction sale. In such cases, making a bid is the way out, and the one who places the highest bid gets the box. The end time of the auction is mentioned next to the bid price.

Place a bid by following the below given steps:

1. Click ‘Place a Bid.’ Finding the ‘Buyout price’ is also possible sometimes. This means that the amount can be paid to get the mystery box immediately.

Place a Bid
Place Bid

2. Place the bid and make sure it is higher than the previous bid. Click “Place a Bid” to confirm if you are satisfied with the amount. 

your Bid

Opening a mystery box

Once the NFT Mystery Box has been purchased, it is stored under ‘Profile’ – ‘Collected NFTs’ – ‘Mystery Boxes.’ 

1. Go to the product page by clicking on the mystery box.

product page

2. Open it by clicking ”Click to reveal.”

Click to reveal

3. On the pop-up, click “Open box.”

Open box

4. The NFT artwork will be displayed and will be stored in “Profile” – “Collected NFTs” – “Mystery Boxes.”

Collected NFTs

Selling a mystery box 

The buyer has the freedom to sell the mystery box unopened or the non-fungible token received from it. 

1. On the product page, click “List NFT.”

List NFT

2. On the listing page, choose “Highest Bid” for an auction sale. Enter the starting price for the listing in the “Minimum Bid” field. It is also possible to include a “buy-out price” for direct purchase. Select “Set Price” if you are interested in an instant fixed price without bidding.

3. A “Price” field will appear to choose how much to sell the NFT for. It is possible to receive BUSD, BNB, or ETH as payment and can be selected accordingly.

4. Pick an end date for the sale, which can range from 12 hours to 7 days from the time of listing. Click “Submit” if everything looks fine. 

List NFT Details

Withdrawing an NFT 

As of now, withdrawing NFT mystery boxes is not possible on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Opening the mystery box is what needs to be done to withdraw the NFT. 

1. Go to “Profile,” –  “Collected NFTs,” – “Mystery Boxes” once the mystery box is opened. Click on the NFT that has to be withdrawn. On the NFT page, click “Withdraw.”

Withdrawing an NFT

2. Choose the wallet network that’s been withdrawn to, followed by pasting the “Destination Wallet Address.” Click “Add a Wallet” if no wallet is connected. You will be redirected to the “Connect Wallet” page.

3. Keep away from losing the non-fungible token by confirming that the blockchain you’re transferring to is compatible.

Withdraw an NFT

NFT mystery boxes are addictive

NFT mystery boxes are the new way for creators to attract more sales since people like to take risks in matters like mystery boxes. 

For instance, last December, Duelist King sold a 20,000 mystery boxes drop, thanks to the addictive nature of users regarding mystery boxes. 


The NFT trading volume is increasing with time, which makes NFT mystery boxes a smart way to enter the world of NFTs and engage with them. These mystery boxes will continue to remain popular, as they provide the opportunity to get a big surprise or a rare NFT by paying less. Also, while the whole experience is fun for users, creators and brands get to boost sales and improve customer interaction.  


1. What is an NFT mystery box?

An NFT mystery box is just like a real mystery box; however, what’s inside remains a secret. The box has one or multiple random NFTs, which might range from a trading card to an in-game digital asset or anything else. 

2. How to claim a free Binace NFT mystery box?

After completing identity verification, visit Binance NFT. Go to “Profile” – “Collected NFTs” to view the mystery box, if using the Binance website. If using the Binance app, drag down from the top on the homepage of the app to access the “Marketplace.” The NFT can be seen under “Popular.” It is also possible to access Binance NFT upon clicking “More” – “Binance NFT.” Now click “Profile” – “Collected” to view the mystery box. 

3. Is buying an NFT mystery box worth it?

The real value of an NFT mystery box depends on the expectations of the buyers about what they expect to get once the box is opened. As understood, sometimes the gift is really worthy, other times it is not as amazing as anticipated. 

4. Where is the NFT mystery box Binance?

1. Upon getting the account verified, go to the Binance NFT Marketplace and click ‘User Center’ – ‘Mystery Box’ to claim. 
2. The claimed mystery box will appear under ‘Mystery Boxes’ – ‘Binance KYC Mystery Box.’ Click it and unveil the NFT.
3. On the pop-up window, click ‘Open Box.’
4. See the NFT that’s received.