NFT Marketplace XOXNO Announces Support for Fiat Payments


  • XOXNO marketplace on MultiversX will provide support for Fiat Payments.
  • Support for EUR and the Romanian RON confirmed by NFT marketplace XOXNO.
  • XOXNO partner Twispay, a leading payment processor, made it all happen.

The leading NFT Marketplace XOXNO on MultiversX made an announcement that it will be supporting Fiat payments from now on. 

On 7 November 2022, XOXNO announced the integration of Fiat payments to its NFT marketplace, supporting currencies such as the EUR and the Romanian RON. In early 2022, this MultiversX NFT marketplace was launched, and now since then, it is registering a trading volume of around a whopping $1 Million USD per month.

This means that the XOXNO NFT marketplace will be now facilitating the use of all Fiat payments for all its users and holders. With this kind of integration, their users can buy and sell NFTs using both the currency: EUR and the RON, usable with any Visa or Mastercard.

Besides buying and selling for NFTs, it will also support users to mint new NFT assets with Fiat currencies. So, as far as their support is concerned, there is more to it than meets the eye. This integration is a massive step towards increasing the use of NFTs for mainstream users. Twispay, a leading payment processor, is a XOXNO partner and they are solely responsible for making all this happen.

Earlier known as Elrond, XOXNO is the biggest NFT marketplace on MultiversX at the moment. MultiversX blockchain combines all three sharding aspects in an architecture that maintains a top level of security and scalability. This blockchain was the first of a kind to combine all three aspects in one.