NFT Trader partners with MoonPay for easier NFT swaps


  • MoonPay users can easily and swiftly top up with ETH on NFT Trader.
  • Users have the freedom to step out of trades when they do not wish to continue.
  • Multiple NFTs can be traded at once.

MoonPay is now NFT Trader’s partner for a secure and smooth NFT trading experience. 

NFT Trader is a portal that allows traders to carry out simple, easy and safe NFT swaps. Supported ethereum assets like ERC-1155, ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens can be swapped in only one step. 

Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder and CEO of MoonPay expressed excitement about the partnership and its capability to bring down friction in NFT trading. He said that NFT transactions are supposed to be easy and smooth and it is possible through such integrations.

For NFT collectors, one of the major issues is scarcity of safe platforms for trustworthy OTC and P2P trades. NFT Trader, being a secure platform, enables users to step out of trade when they do not want to continue further.

From now, users of NFT Trader can top up their wallet with ETH using MoonPay. Moreover, several NFTs can be traded together; this, combining NFT trades with crypto through MoonPay.

John Pak, Co-founder of NFT Trader said that MoonPay is the best partner to upraise their protocol by allowing NFT traders an efficient, valuable and fluid Fiat on-ramp system.

NFT Trader is compatible not only with MetaMask but various other wallets with WalletConnect compatibility. 

From now on, simply connect the platform you prefer and top up with ETH using MoonPay to begin NFT trading.