NFTGrails partners with MoonPay to launch Rags to Richie NFT collection


  • NFTGrails collaborated with MoonPay to launch Rags to Richie.
  • HyperMint is the minting partner for the NFT collection.
  • Monopoly and JOYSTICK have collaborated to develop an immersive SandBox Club and a Metaverse Art Gallery to display Alec’s “Rags to Richie” artwork.

In a recent revelation, NFTGRAILS, a leading NFT art curator, and MoonPay, the world’s top web3 infrastructure company, announced a partnership to launch Rags to Richie. It is the upcoming generative NFT collection from Alec Monopoly, which will make use of HyperMint, MoonPay’s newly released enterprise NFT platform.

The exclusive minting partner for the NFT collection will be HyperMint, a new self-service platform from MoonPay that enables businesses, creative agencies, brands, and others to develop, manage, and mint hundreds of millions of NFTs every day.  

Rags to Richie, a collection of digital artwork, took the news to their official Twitter handle to reveal the news of partnering with MoonPay’s innovative Hypermint technology for a safe, secure, and seamless minting experience. 

Adding further to the statement, it is believed that this will guarantee a secure minting process and will enable credit card payment through their MoonPay platform.

Currently, the project is going through an audit process with MoonPay and Hypermint to ensure everything goes perfectly. 

Rags to Richie is a street-art-oriented utility-focused NFT collection. The company emphasizes a play-to-earn NFT game, a metaverse club and Digital Art Gallery, exclusive in-person events, and more than $1 million in giveaways and prizes to holders as part of its primary plans. 

Alec Monopoly has combined elements of some of his most well-known subjects to create a new character for the collection, which included 10,000 unique NFTs with characteristics and surroundings that are personally hand-drew.  

Monopoly and JOYSTICK have also collaborated to develop an immersive SandBox Club and a Metaverse Art Gallery to display Alec’s “Rags to Richie” artwork. Once the collection is launched, a crucial event will be featured of Monoply doing a Live DJ Set in Sandbox.  

Ivan Soto-Wright, the CEO of Moonpay, released a statement about MoonPay’s collaboration with Alec Monopoly and said:

MoonPay’s partnership with Alec Monopoly is a blueprint for the next phase of NFTs—real-world utility. Alec’s development of the ‘Rags to Richie’ collection seamlessly blends artistry and utility by unlocking a new path for audiences to create, explore, and play with the art.  

He further completed his statement by adding,  

This is an exciting step forward for both Alec as an artist and NFTs as a medium. We’re honored to be a part of the project.