NFTICALLY joins Mafatlal Industries to launch metaverse gallery and NFT store


  • Six different NFTs for hospitals, school and corporate uniforms will be available as NFTs.
  • 3D models will be used to engage with customers in an immersive experience.
  • NFTICALLY’S advisors and partners graced the launch.

Global Web3 e-commerce platform, NFTICALLY has collaborated with Indian textile company Mafatlal to open their first virtual gallery and NFT store on COMEARTH, an e-commerce metaverse platform. 

Mafatlal’s NFT gallery will engage with customers to provide an immersive experience of designer clothes using 3D models. A total of six distinct NFTs for hospitals, school and corporate uniforms will be available as NFTs

The Mataftlal NFT collection is established on an e-commerce platform, COMEARTH, which is powered by NFTICALLY. The partnership will help Mafatlal grab the first-mover advantage in its industry in terms of stepping into the NFT space. 

NFT drops involve challenges like traffic management, smart contracts and security & backend streamlining. However, the process will be streamlined for both collectors and creators through NFTICALLY’s benchmarked technology. 

NFTICALLY powers approximately 11,000 stores; hence, is the largest and most favored marketplace. Having launched COMEARTH, it aims to create an ecosystem of stakeholders and generate value via engagement or transactions. 

Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO, NFTICALLY said that NFTICALLY is pleased to power Mafatlal for the NFT drop. By allowing the NFTs on the Web3 ecosystem, engagement between the audience and brand will bloom. 

Priyavrata Mafatlal, Vice Chairman of The Arvind Mafatlal Group also expressed pleasure to partner with NFTICALLY. Century long experience and a rich legacy will help to push the boundaries towards innovation and creativity. Through COMEARTH, catering to a larger set of audience is the goal. 

NFTICALLY’s advisors and partners including film Writer-Director and Producer, Subhash Ghai; Priyavrata Mafatlal, Vice-Chairman at Mafatlal Group; Govind Singh Sandhu, Director, Kulturemint and Pradeep Aswal, CEO, The Blockchain Council graced the launch. 

In a statement, Subhash Ghai said:

I’m proud to support visionary projects such as COMEARTH, which will propel the world to bring alive immersive experiences across industries, including the education, arts and entertainment industry, which are very dear to me.