NFTpay integrates supports for NFTs purchase with stablecoins


  • NFTpay has announced allowing users to purchase NFTs using USDC and USDT.
  • Users interested in crypto but fear market fluctuations and instability can consider USDT and USDC, as these stablecoins address such concerns.
  • NFTpay is looking forward to NFT creators and artists to incorporate the payment gateway in their website.

NFTpay, a fintech company, has expanded its service umbrella to enable users of cryptocurrency to utilize their stablecoins in order to buy NFTs. USDT and USDC, the popular dollar-pegged coins, can now be used by crypto users to buy NFTs.

The CEO of NFTpay, Michael Krilivsky, shared in a press release that the company has started to enable its users to buy NFTs using stablecoins.

Adding on, he said:

The NFT world is a metaphor for progress.” Today, we are delighted to share that our mission to keep driving forward has yielded fresh returns in the form of more flexibility in how you pay for your prized NFTs.

Sellers are now enabled to settle their non-fungible token purchases via USDT as well as USDC stablecoins. Thanks to the new payment solution, users can buy NFT-based projects quickly, safely, and conveniently.  

Krilivsky shared that most of the buyers don’t own cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet, which keeps them away from the final step of buying an NFT. For people and companies who are interested in using stablecoins, NFTpay will offer a custom solution.

NFTpay strives to simplify the process of buying NFTs through payment options users are interested in. In 2022, the company joined forces with Mastercard to allow users to purchase non-fungible tokens using credit cards. The same year, in the month of December, NFTpay collaborated with Polygon to enable users to own NFTs through debit and credit cards. 

Networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Cronos, Algorand, Fantom, and EOS are some of the major networks supported by NFTpay. 

Recently, the company disclosed its plan to include Cardano and Casper crypto networks in the following months.