NFTs at Heart of PSG-Blvck Paris Fashion Venture


  • Paris Saint-Germain F.C. partners with Blvck Paris, merging soccer with avant-garde fashion and digital artistry.
  • The collaboration features a unique digital fashion drop of NFTs, available initially on the marketplace.
  • These NFTs function as digital collectibles, providing early access to physical apparel from the collection.

In a striking blend of digital and physical fashion, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., a major soccer club, has partnered with avant-garde fashion brand Blvck Paris. This collaboration marks a new era in the fusion of sports, fashion, and digital artistry. The companies announced this innovative venture through a press release on Wednesday.

The heart of this collaboration lies in a digital fashion drop consisting of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are initially available on the marketplace. These NFTs serve as digital collectibles and grant early access to the physical apparel in the collection. This approach underscores the trend of integrating digital assets with tangible products in the fashion industry. offers 1,000 NFTs at $50 each, with 10% categorized as special edition NFTs. These unique tokens provide the added benefit of being redeemable for a box containing physical items from the collaboration. Minted on Cronos, a blockchain supported by, these NFTs represent a significant step forward in digital asset utility.

The physical collection, set to release next week, includes various items embody the distinct monochrome aesthetic of Blvck Paris. Among the teased items are an all-black hoodie and soccer ball, each adorned with white text. The collection is also expected to feature a t-shirt, welcome mat, and scarf, all aligned with the same design philosophy.

Moreover, Paris Saint-Germain’s foray into the crypto space is not new. The club has previously launched a crypto fan token with and has actively distributed AI-generated posters as NFTs via The club’s star player, Kylian Mbappé, also serves as a brand ambassador for Sorare, an NFT-based fantasy soccer game.

This collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and Blvck Paris is more than a fashion statement. It represents the evolving intersection of sports, digital technology, and fashion, providing fans a unique way to engage with their favorite club. The initiative highlights the potential of NFTs to transform how we view digital assets and how they can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

The Paris Saint-Germain and Blvck Paris collaboration is a testament to the innovative spirit of both entities, blending the world of soccer with cutting-edge fashion and digital technology. This initiative paves the way for new forms of fan engagement and highlights the growing relevance of NFTs in bridging the digital and physical realms.