Nickelodeon’s 12 NFTs to drop on OpenSea


  • RECUR has created 12 unique NFTs as companions to the cartoons Rugrats and Hey Arnold.
  • The bidding will start on July15 at 2pm ET and end on July 16 at 2pm ET.
  • Nickelodeon’s NFT drop will begin on July 18 for selected RECUR Pass Holders and on July 19 for the public.

American cartoon television channel Nickelodeon has announced the launch of a series of cartoon-based NFTs on OpenSea in partnership with Recur. The NFTs will serve as companions to the Rugrats and Hey Arnold cartoons. 

The NFTs will drop on July 15 and will embark the beginning of childhood memories into the technological world of the metaverse. The bidding will start at 2pm EST and will start at $50 in ETH. 

On July 16, the auction will end at 2pm EST. The one who places the final bid will win the one-of-a-kind Nickelodeon NFT character, which won’t be available anywhere else. 

Sharing his excitement, Zack Bruch, the CEO of Recur, said that partnering with Nickelodeon is exciting and creating the Nickelodeon NFT took him back to his childhood memories of coming back from school and sitting on the couch to watch Nick’s cartoons with friends. Fans will once again get to live those nostalgic moments with the Nick Web3 experience. 

He further said that the RECUR platform will introduce the legendary characters into the metaverse. 

RECUR is known for designing and developing on-chain user experiences to allow fans to buy and re-sell their non-fungible tokens

Nickelodeon has its eyes set on creating digital collectibles accessible to one and all along with fans and brands. 

Following the new integration, users can purchase and sell NFTs on OpenSea using payment methods such as credit card, debit card, GooglePay, digital assets and ApplePay. 

Recur will design and develop 12 cartoon-themed NFTs. Users can mint a series of NFTs absolutely free, including no gas fees. 

Other than buying and selling digital collectibles, users can explore their favorite NFTs on OpenSea without having to add them to their collection. 

The 12 winning bidders will receive a package consisting of-

  • A hand-drawn, special Nickelodeon NFT 
  • A RECUR Pass
  • Nickelodeon NFT Pack from the drop on
  • A real piece of artwork with the auction NFT