OpenSea launches bulk listing and buying on its platform!


  • OpenSea announced on 5th October 2022 that the platform is live for bulk listing and buying.
  • More than 30 items or Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be purchased.
  • Convenient, way more gas efficient and less gas fee on Ethereum than buying individually.

In regards to bulk listing and purchasing, OpenSea is now live! 

The company mentioned and tweeted that more than 30 goods are now allowed for bulk listing and purchasing in a single user experience (UX) flow on the platform. So let’s have a go-through with what the largest secondary marketplace for NFTs is up for:

Bulk listings will be discussed first: 

By selecting “list for sale” from the “More Options” drop-down menu or by clicking the “+” sign when you hover over an item card in the gathered things page, you can access bulk listings. Then you can choose up to 30 items to list all at once. OpenSea posted this on their twitter account with an image attached below:

OpenSea launches bulk listing

This image will not only help you understand the user interface of the largest secondary marketplace for Non-fungible tokens, but it will also help you understand the new facet of the secondary NFT marketplace. Moreover, an investor, creator or user can also opt for bulk buying.

Bulk buying:

You’ll also now be able to add up to 30 items from the same chain to your cart before purchasing, all in a single transaction. Convenient, way more gas efficient and less gas fee on Ethereum than buying individually! Isn’t it something enticing for the users?


In the image listed above, different characters are listed with their prices and customized Non-fungible tokens from which buyers can select in bulk, which will come under the category of bulk buying. 

Moreover, the platform provides creators with articles offering advice, assistance, and support for novice creators, seasoned collectors, and everyone in between.

CEO Devin Finzer started the enterprise in the year 2017 with a vision for creators to create 3D and 2D virtual images, audio files and in, the crux, a virtual world of your own. Of course, everything the creators of the term wants to apply with their pre-selected prices. The platform doesn’t stop here. It has a collection of digital artwork, collectables and games. The company has created a new virtual world for the creators and the collectors.