OBJKT is now on LEDGER LIVE for visualizing Tezos NFTs


  • Tezos chose to incorporate Objkt, a major Tezos NFT Marketplace, into the Ledger Live app.
  • Many NFT collectors and artists use Ledger hardware wallets to protect their collections and artworks.
  • Ledger will keep incorporating new NFT capabilities and other platforms into their Ledger Live app.

As Tezos collectors and artists rely on Ledger devices to safeguard their Tezos NFTs, the company chose to incorporate Objkt, a major Tezos NFT marketplace, into the Ledger Live app. Objkt is the largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, featuring minimal gas fees for buying, selling, auctioning, and creating NFTs.

Many NFT collectors and artists secure their collections and artworks with Ledger hardware wallets. Until today, Ledger Live was the only way to observe Polygon and Ethereum NFTs. Tezos NFTs are now supported by Objkt integration in their Ledger Live app. Tezos NFT collections can now be viewed conveniently and securely through Ledger Live.

Ledger Live does not let you establish collections, mint and acquire NFTs, or conduct Objkt transactions. It is a viewer-only tool that allows you to visualize NFTs that you or others own (including details like description, properties, attributes, and history).

Ledger’s NFT Project Manager, Gaspard Broustine, stated that the company is excited to collaborate with the premier NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. Objkt has been a key contributor to the development of digital art by onboarding new artists from all over the world.

Objkt co-founder Brian Mc Alister stated that they are thrilled to collaborate with Ledger to offer Tezos NFTs on the Ledger Live platform. With this integration, their members will be able to safely access their collections directly through Ledger Live, allowing a whole new audience to discover the great art that dwells on Objkt.

Ledger will continue to integrate new NFT capabilities and external platforms into their Ledger Live app, giving a wide range of communities, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, and users secure access to the ever-expanding world of Web3.

Because of this connection, one may now access Tezos NFTs directly from their Ledger Live Discover Section, while remaining safe and easy to use within the Ledger ecosystem.