On OpenSea Doodles Dooplication attains $20M worth of trading volume


  • Doodles Dooplication reaches $20 million worth of trading volume on OpenSea.
  • Qponde.eth, Doodles owner, praised the simplicity of the creation of portable devices.
  • Despite a Favorable response, Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, said that exchanging the original Doodles rights could be improved.

Less than 24 hours after its release, the Doodles Dooplicator collection reached a trading volume of about $20 million on OpenSea, demonstrating a significant demand for the future Doodles 2 collection.

The volume on Offshore had reached 12,900 ETH, with a minimum cost for the Dooplicator collection of just under $1,000. The Dooplicator collection has mostly been well-received by the public. Doodles owner #8221 Qponde.eth praised the simplicity aspect of constructing portable devices.

On Twitter, Doodles follows Archie9Lives, who stated that the success of Dooplicator’s launch guaranteed the success of Doodles 2. Archie9Lives owns MAYC #12614 from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection.

Dooplicator is being used by owners of the original Doodles to create clothing for the upcoming Doodles 2 avatar collection. The attributes of one of the 10,000 Doodles already present on Ethereum will be used to produce the clothing. On the Dooplicator Marketplace, current Doodle owners can sell the rights to their character traits.

Wearables are produced by dooplicators with varied levels of rarity. In exchange for using the Dooplicator, the buyer will receive a beta pass for Doodles 2, providing them early access to their new wearables. New firmware releases for Dooplicators will open up new benefits for owners. On Gaia, the NFT marketplace run by Flow, new wearables can be swapped.

The first Doodles profile photo non-fungible token collection was developed by digital artists Burnt Toast, Jordan Castro, and Evan Keast on Ethereum. Doodles CEO Julian Holguin said that trading original Doodles rights might be improved despite favorable community response.