OneOf and Get Maine Lobster shipping seafood to NFT buyers


  • OneOf will roll out NFT passes yielding buyers shipments of lobsters and other seafood.
  • The food option comprises 100 pounds of live and fresh Maine lobster.
  • Wild-caught Maine Lobster will also be delivered for 12 months in a row.

OneOf and Get Maine Lobster have come together with one-of-a-kind tokens that get seafood shipped and delivered to those particular NFT buyers’ doorstep.

NFT isn’t all about digital artworks and collectibles. They have actual tangible benefits too, including membership passes, buying a house, event ticketing, and more new actions rolling out every day with new possibilities. And this time, we will be seeing one new model out in action with these seafood tokenized perks.

The NFT startup OneOf is famous for music and sports collectibles. Today, OneOf made an announcement about its newly-formed partnership with Get Maine Lobster, an online seafood delivery service, to create an NFT membership club. 

All the members will be entitled to receive lobsters and other seafood directly from Maine after joining their new club.

Their membership plans range from Lobster Perks+ spanning 4 annual tier levels with free entry-level discounts and benefits to a more high-feature pass comprising seafood merchandise, along with deliveries and various perks.

The Captain’s Club+ NFT costing around $350 provides NFT holders eight lobster tails, wholesale pricing, free side order, and various benefits such as lobster butter-scented candles for 200 first-time buyers.

They also have Diamond Club NFT costing around $2,000 which provides benefits from the previous tier with 100 pounds of live and fresh lobster spread out across 12 monthly deliveries, valued at $1,250.