OpenSea’s accomplishments after enabling BNB Support


  • OpenSea achieved accomplishments after receiving support from BNB.
  • Now the Market Shares of OpenSea are rising high with high spikes.
  • The list of top NFT collections was released that showed a new set of famous NFT work in OpenSea.

OpenSea has achieved many accomplishments after getting the added-up support from the BNB chain. Right after OpenSea joined hands with BNB, there was a series of developments in the company of OpenSea.

There has been a steady increase in the volumes observed after the support of BNB chain This rise is constant and is not coming down easily. On December 7, OpenSea released an ATH. The dataset showed an increase in the level through a bar graph.

The graph showed the rise to be up 154%, an all-time high. This rise is followed by the first launch on November 29.

OpenSea’s market share has been rising, varying between 7.7% and 22.4% with 20.5 BNB and 87.2 BNB, respectively. This spike indicates the OpenSea market is currently popular amongst its users and investors, with the platform taking the 3rd place according to volume.

Lastly, the answer to the question of who is selling homes. When the top NFT collections on OpenSea were released, Uland was at the top. Lifeform AVATAR was in the second position with more than 20 sums. The Drunk Skunks Drinking Club was next. Space ID took fourth place, and the fifth position was Goodfellas Binions.

All these factors showed how, through the BNB chain, OpenSea has benefited and achieved a high market share.