PUBG creator shares details of Artemis, his next project that’s an open source metaverse


  • Greene envisions the metaverse as a space that’s acquired and shared by everyone.
  • David Polfeldt, former Ubisoft Massive managing director, will be the senior adviser for the PlayerUnknown team.
  • All this will take approximately 10 to 15 years to accomplish as estimated by Greene.

The creator behind PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, has begun his metaverse project, Artemis.

In 2019, after leaving the team of PUBG, he announced Prologue, a new project which is an open-world survival game. Now, he has shared that Prologue will be a tech demo for Artemis.

Greene founded PlayerUnknown Productions, an Amsterdam-located studio, with an aim to develop both Prologue and Artemis. The latter is actually not a game but a decentralized engaging space where residents can create or play whatever they want.  

Until now, there’s no such technology that can build something like Artemis. As of now, it is not possible to create a 1:1 scale virtual Earth that has thousands of individuals exploring its completely realized biomes. Tools essential for creating Earth’s metaverse mirror do not exist currently, especially, on a practical scale. It is for this reason, PlayerUnknown Productions is passionate about creating Melba, a game engine, supported via machine learning. 

Greene shared that an absurd quantity of work for human engineers will be needed to create Artemis. However, it might be possible for artificial intelligence to churn out a planet’s worth of plants, rivers, valleys, mountains and trees at a constant speed. Additionally, it may make animals as well as human NPCs reside on Artemis and act & engage in real ways. A number of patent applications regarding a few technologies developed by Greene’s studio have been already filed.

Polfeldt is positive about the success of the project and called the limited staff of the team a plus point and not an obstacle.  

Greene doesn’t mind utilizing blockchain. As Artemis will be a world where anyone can do and create anything they wish, they will require a way to confirm proof of ownership or a kind of currency to exchange while offering a service.

Artemis is aimed to be an open source world that can be modified by anyone through a decentralized ownership. Every inhabitant will own a stake. All in all, it is a space with a framework but without rules. 

To conclude, PlayerUnknown Productions will create Artemis, but Greene desires its inhabitants to find out what it will really be.