Pudgy Penguins launches Pudgy World, onboards users to NFTs


  • Pudgy Penguins is using real toys and an online world to welcome users to NFTs.
  • Besides toys, users have their personal digital penguins in a digital world.
  • Users don’t need MetaMask or crypto to experience the Pudgy World.

Pudgy Penguins has launched their Pudgy World online experience to enable users to both create and customize digital penguins through non-fungible tokens. 

Real toys and loot boxes are used to welcome users to NFTs without letting them know that they have any NFT. 

Previously, to own NFTs, one had to either take part in a mint or buy them on secondary markets. However, Pudgy Penguins has a totally different approach. 

Rather than making people buy NFTs, they have created a toy line that allures everyone. According to buyers of toys, they are getting a cute penguin; however, they are also getting a ticket to a digital world at the same time. 

A Polygon wallet represents each account in the Pudgy World though users can sign up through email as well as use a custodied wallet. Furthermore, every digital penguin is a SoulBound NFT.

The Pudgy team developed this SoulBound NFT contract that mints a non-fungible token to the wallet of the user while saving their penguin. It is only the Pudgy backend that can mint non-fungible tokens.

The Penguins can be changed to possess various colors or clothing items. An NFT represents all these customizations. 

Talking about how physical toys intersect with the Pudgy World, each toy has a code to redeem a loot box. Every loot box has a series of items inside and they are used to customize the penguins in Pudgy World.

Upon redemption of a loot box by a user, the Pudgy backend transfers the trait NFTs to the wallet of the user without needing a MetaMask or buying crypto. As each NFT is minted ahead of time and the admin wallet owns it, only a transfer is required. 

The team at Pudgy, in each flow, has hidden many scary crypto interactions to curb onboarding friction. Also, there’s a trait marketplace that lets users buy certain items with a credit card. This is one more way to decrease the friction for non crypto-native users.