Little Pudgys enable cross chain travel

  • LayerZero’s penguineering team collaborated with an enthusiastic team of Wizard Hat Pudgy
  • Developing the Pudgy Penguins ecosystems to connect and touch millions of people.
  • The Pudgy Penguin ecology will flourish thanks to the Layer Zero Labs cooperation, which also creates exciting new possibilities.

Pudgy penguins tweeted that a portal pudgy has opened. The little pudgy’s has become an official cross chain.

Lil Pudgys is now able to expand the perspective to certain other ecosystems, beginning with Arbitrum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Pudgy Penguins can receive the benefits of both worlds: authenticity and customer experience, with the help of cross-chain technology. Besides that, they’re delighted to announce that they’ve teamed up with LayerZero to make this a reality. 

Layer zero labs Collaboration lays the groundwork for the Pudgy Penguin ecosystem to thrive and opens up intriguing possibilities for the future. Their soul transport innovation awards a “Soulbound Token,” premised on the sequence users connect their Lil Pudgy to.

LayerZero is an omnichain connectivity protocol that allows for cross-chain transactions. LayerZero’s penguineering team collaborated with an enthusiastic team of Wizard Hat Pudgy Penguins to create the bridge. Lil Pudgys can now commute effortlessly between multiple chains, beginning with Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum, thanks to LayerZero’s omnichain technology. They chose these three chains because of their constantly rising utilization and publicity.

The goal of Pudgy Penguins is to create a domestic product that hundreds of millions of people will recognise through cultural resonance and widespread appeal. To accomplish this, they are focusing on developing another Web3 framework. The first step toward realizing that vision is to make Pudgy investments as accessible to as many Web-3 individuals as possible.

The Penguineering team is algorithmically issuing soulbound tokens to bridgers using the newly designed soulTransport innovation. Three different soulbound tokens will be distributed, one for each chain. Users will earn a commemorative coin as a souvenir, which will never escape one’s wallet, based on the chain users bridge to from Ethereum mainnet. There can only be one distinctive cross-soulbound token per wallet, and once bridged over, each Lil Pudgy token ID will be removed from enrollment. Bridgers should expect their SBT within 5 minutes of bridging.