Radio Caca enters into a partnership with RichQuack to build the largest metaverse


  • Radio Caca and RichQuack have entered into a goal-oriented partnership.
  • The partnership is aimed at building the largest metaverse with the collaborative efforts of both platforms.
  • RichQuack will be having a RichQUACK HQ built within the USMverse.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of Radio Caca, it has been revealed that the home of the United States of Mars 3D Metaverse, Radio Caca, has entered into a partnership with RichQuack, a deflationary token and launchpad.

The brilliant partnership, as addressed in the tweet shared by Radio Caca, is going to be a goal-oriented partnership. Well, this is indicated towards one single thing, Radio Caca and RichQuack are building the largest metaverse with their collaborative efforts.

RichQuack also took it to its official Twitter handle to announce the partnership with Radio Caca NFT and revealed that they are delighted to have a partner like Radio Caca. In addition to this, RichQuack revealed that they have a RichQUACK HQ built within the USMverse.

The USM Metaverse is comprised of various states, including limited parcels of land, which anyone may buy and own.

Radio Caca is rapidly gaining traction and is embarked on a journey to bring more and more projects to the USM metaverse so that it can be transformed into a wonderful metaverse. Most recently, Radio Caca NFT partnered with Breeder Dodo, a decentralized trading protocol.

What adds more to the collaborations of Radio Caca is that it welcomed the architects of the future and partnered with OpenMeta in order to build the greatest USM metaverse together.