You Can Now Showcase Your NFTs on TAG Heuer’s Connected Calibre E4 Smartwatch


  • The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch allows displaying NFT artworks on the wrist.
  • The watch currently supports Ledger and Metamask wallets.

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has created a smartwatch feature, allowing users to display their NFT collections.

The exciting news was shared on Twitter by TAG Heuer itself:

TAG Heuer’s Connected Calibre E4 is not just a smartwatch but an NFT viewer for customers. Along with verified proof of ownership, owners can now show off their digital collection.

Filled with enthusiasm, the brand posted another tweet:

According to an official announcement:

TAG Heuer presents a new way to bring these valuable and highly collectible artworks into the real world. For the first time, they can be worn on your wrist with verified proof of ownership. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artworks on your watch by connecting your crypto wallet to guarantee authenticity.

TAG Heuer CEO Frederic Arnault said:

I have had a deep interest in the NFT space, and this feature fits with TAG Heuer’s tradition of being avant-garde and innovative in technology.. Watch this space, as TAG Heuer will have more stories to tell about Web3.

Talking about the amazing feature of the watch, he tweeted:

With the move, the brand has taken a step closer to expanding its digital ecosystem of the app and watch faces, which have been developed by a skilled team of in-house developers, featuring TAG Heuer’s trademark design signatures. The watchmaker partnered with Bitpay to accept crypto payments for online purchases made in the US a few weeks ago.

With this feature, multiple NFTs can be transferred to the new Lens watch face by pairing a smartphone. The watch will display time and user-selected NFT artworks in three ways. Moreover, it has a conceptual design with a circle and triangle that represent hours and minutes. 

The watch can be safely connected to multiple crypto wallets, and a user can choose the NFTs they would like to display on the watch. The images can be resized to fit on the screen.