Tag Heuer Now Allows purchasing Watches with ApeCoin


  • The good news for Tag Heuer’s customers is that they may now buy their products using the cryptocurrency ApeCoin.
  • The payments were made possible thanks to agreements with BitPay. Companies can now take bitcoins as payment thanks to a payment processor.
  • According to a Federal Reserve study released in May, only 3% of Americans had used cryptocurrencies to make transactions or send money.

Tag Heuer has some good news for its customers as it has now allowed the purchase of its products via the cryptocurrency ApeCoin, the company announced on Twitter. The facility will only be available in the USA for now, the company stated. Before now, TAG Heuer’s own US e-commerce portal supported payments made in cryptocurrencies, including $BTC, $ETH, $DOGE, and others.

Arrangements with BitPay have made the payments possible. With the help of a payment processor, companies can now accept cryptocurrencies as payment. According to BitPay CEO Stephen Pair in a statement,

We added ApeCoin and Euro Coin because clients of our premium merchant partners begged for it. We provided what they requested,

Despite the hoopla surrounding cryptocurrency, it appears that few people use it. Only 3% of Americans, according to a Federal Reserve research published in May, have used cryptocurrency to make purchases or transfer money. Additionally, a Bank of America investigation revealed that from over 1 million users in November 2021 to less than 500,000 users in May 2022, there were no longer any active cryptocurrency users.

Customers can use the Connected Calibre E4 from TAG Heuer as an NFT viewer in addition to a smartwatch. Owners can now display their digital collection along with confirmed proof of ownership. Before this, the watch company involved itself with a crypto space quite a few times.

With the change, the company has moved one step closer to growing its digital ecosystem, which now consists of an app and watches faces with TAG Heuer’s distinctive design trademarks that a talented team of in-house developers has created.

Apart from this, on its website in the United States, TAG Heuer announced that it now accepts crypto payments for online transactions.