Gucci is now the first luxury brand to accept ApeCoin


  • Gucci allows customers to pay through ApeCoin via its BitPay partnership.
  • Earlier, the brand welcomed dogecoin, bitcoin, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • All these cryptocurrencies are accepted at selected stores in the US.

Gucci, the hi-end fashion brand, has now allowed US customers to pay through ApeCoin via BitPay at particular stores. Doing so, it has become the only brand that accepts this particular cryptocurrency. 

ApeCoin also came forward to share the news about the collaboration.

In May, Gucci announced that it now accepts bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies at particular stores. 

The luxury brand began its journey into the technological world a few months back when through trademark applications it hinted at entry into the NFT, crypto, and metaverse space. 

The latest move in another initiative from Gucci in recent times. The brand has its own team focused extensively on gaming and Web3 initiatives. It has released games on Roblox. One of the games is Gucci Garden which has 19 million visitors. Not stopping here, the worldwide recognized company has created skins for avatars in Pokemon Go and Animal Crossing. 

In June, Gucci united with SuperRare to create an NFT art gallery for contemporary artists. 

Keeping aside the bearish trend in the crypto market, Gucci has adopted a dedicated plunge into crypto.  

In February, it released the “SUPERGUCCI” NFT collection in partnership with SUPERPLASTIC. 

Next month, Gucci came up with the “Gucci Grail” NFT collection, which aimed at owners of successful NFT projects like BAYC.