Snoop Dogg’s Son Champ Medici Joins Cardano NFT project


  • The much-hyped Cardano NFT project will advance with the support of Champ Medici, the son of Snoop Dogg, who joins the Clay Nation team.
  • Also noteworthy is that Medici is one of the few well-known figures supporting Cardano.
  • In one of his tweets, Charles Hoskinson recently suggested that stake pool operators upgrade their nodes.

Champ Medici, the son of Snoop Dogg, joins the Clay Nation team to help advance the initiative and forge essential alliances. Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici were previously interested in the much-hyped Cardano NFT project.

Champ Medici has long supported Clay Nation and has frequently voiced his admiration for what is undoubtedly the most exciting Cardano NFT project. Additionally, Clay Nation previously worked with Medici and his father, Snoop Dogg, who is a big fan of cryptocurrencies in general and NFT in particular. 

Even NFT avatars of the artists were given to them by the project’s creative team as part of the partnership. It’s also important to note that Medici is one of the few well-known people that back Cardano.

In this case, he and his father met with Cardano inventor and CEO Charles Hoskinson in April to explore blockchain-related entertainment ideas and the technology itself.

In addition, Charles Hoskinson recently advised stake pool operators to improve their nodes in one of his tweets. To prepare for the Vasil hard fork upgrade, he instructed the operators to update to version 1.35.3.

Cardano node 1.35.3 has been released by LawrenceIO. According to Cardano Updates, the 1.35.3 update for Cardano Node was released on August 11.

Regarding the NFT sector of the cryptocurrency market, the aspirations and inclinations of its supporters have not changed. Even though it is meant to be the riskiest and least transparent sector of the market, NFT asset prices have declined more than the rest of the market, and more and more projects are visible on the horizon. 

However, those that are committed and actively involved in the team and their innovations appear to have every potential for success in the future. Of course, many are getting swept away as Ethereum‘s value declines.