Social experiment- Little Shapes exposes NFT botnets founder


  • The ring of founders and influencers siphoned $200 million.
  • Little shapes founder launches new project.
  • Network of influencers and alpha groups and preferably arose in February 2022.

The project was a “social experiment,” according to Little Shapes NFT’s founder, Atto, who goes by the alias. Its goal was to expose the pervasive NFT bot network fraud on Twitter via a 158-page document.

Since late December, Little Shapes has been gaining popularity in the media and cryptocurrency communities. This results from some semi-viral tweets that describe unbelievable events in the founder’s life.

Addon said that he tweeted, “I was in a car accident 5 months ago and just awoke from a coma. Despite what’s been happening since then, we’re coming back stronger than ever.”

According to Little Shapes NFT,

the ring of founders and influencers siphoned $200 million+ from the ecosystem across 274 initiatives.

For the past year, NFT Twitter has primarily been subject to manipulation and control by a single Twitter botnet. It first appeared in February 2022 and was used to sell out projects alongside a network of influencers and alpha groups.

Atto, the creator of BALLZNFT, told BuzzFeed News on February 2 that Little Shapes was “performance art” and that “users don’t pay awareness unless you give them a a motive to.”

For a narrative that hurts to be heard, he explained, “I needed a story that sells.”

The article identifies bot networks like “Dmister,” which charge just about $100 for 1,000 likes, retweets, and responses, as a crucial funding source for such NFT operations. 

We currently operate in an environment where everything is artificially rated by social capital and phoney Twitter interaction.

Little Shapes was previously described as an avatar project with 4,444 NFTs and an integrated engine that allows token holders to interact with and modify the artwork associated with their tokens in real time. Despite this, BALLZNFT might be real. Given that it was first minted on February 3, its design alludes to “little shapes.”