Solana confirms DeGods NFT demanded $5 Million


  • It has been confirmed that the DeGods NFT team Demanded $5 Million from Solana.
  • The representative of Solana has confirmed this.
  • Solana is in a major crisis following the collapse of FTX.

The representative at Solana has reported that the DeGods NFT team has demanded $5 million from Solana.

Solana is in trouble after the FTX collapse. DeGods NFT has demanded 5 million dollars from the Solana NFT platform in order to list its assets. This follows a pattern of similar demands from other digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The space that the new self-proclaimed sovereign digital asset, DeGods held in the platform could have made them come with such threats on Solana. This has fixed all eyes on DeGods.

Since the collapse and the withdrawal by millions from its platform Solana is in a massive crisis. The DeGods being a well-liked and growing undertaking needed to be concerned about its long-term future in this scenario.

Furthermore, DeGods could have made such demands since DeGods and y00ts comprised 70% of the Solana platform NFTs.

The impact of this on the future of blockchain is yet to be seen. But the fact remains that it is evident that there are more and more demands from digital assets for listing on platforms such as the Solana NFT platform. 

This demand may be a sign of things to come in the future, as digital assets may soon be mainstream and such demands may be common, or it may be the beginning and end of digital assets.