Aptos is slowly becoming the “Solana Killer” in the NFT market


  • The new layer 1 blockchain, Aptos is surpassing Solana NFT creators.
  • Solana’s NFT market saw a major hit amid the zero royalty policies.
  • Aptos is offering the NFT community a more scalable and efficient blockchain network.

The mainnet launch of the newest cryptocurrency Aptos is making headlines in the crypto as well as the NFT market. There are also reports that with further developments, the Aptos network will support over 160,000 transactions per second.

No layer-1 blockchain network can support such huge transactions currently. It will be a head-turning event for the crypto market if Aptos becomes successful in achieving this milestone.

Aptos is being considered the Solana Killer as the Solana NFT market slumps down. Backed by $350 million in VC funding, Aptos seems to be the new favourite platform for NFT creators and buyers.

The top NFT collections like Aptos Monkeys are already selling at a 24-hour high than any other collections across Solana and Ethereum. Aptos NFT marketplace Topaz, launched on 18th October has accumulated over $546 million in sales to date.

Aptos Monkeys NFT collection has had a trading volume of $2.3 million in the last 24 hours. While the top-selling NFT collection CryptoPunks on OpenSea has reported sales of $800,000 during the same time.

Topaz is already giving strong competition to Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden. In the past 24 hours, Magic Eden reported only $1.8 NFT sales. While the Topaz marketplace platform had $1.71 NFT sales during the same time span.

Popular NFT projects like  Zodiac World, Mogu Dragonz, and Aptos Top Sharks have announced tehri shift to Aptos.

To take advantage of the Aptos hype, the Okay Bulls NFT project has also announced its transition to Aptos letting users swap for its APT version.

Crypto experts are criticizing the supply and distribution of APT tokens. They are also claiming that Aptos has major technical loopholes. However, the Aptos hype is real and is gaining an advantage in the dying Solana NFT market.