Solana NFTs are now available on


  • For the first month, there will be a 0% trading fee.
  • A few collections are not on the Explore page for now, but will be added.
  • Currently, there are no bids as well as no fees.

From now onwards, supports Solana. Along with it has come zero fee trading as well as a redesigned Explore page. 

Just like the future, Rarible is also multi-chained. 

Rarible has added Solana to its protocol previously along with launching a community marketplace for Degenerate Ape Academy. As Solana is now live on, users can go to the homepage to list and trade their favorite SOL NFTs.

For the time being, a few collections might not be there on the Explore page; however, they will be featured once the users start listing the items. 

Currently, Solana is in beta. While the majority of the features are usable, a few aspects are being tested and issues are being resolved. So, what could be done with Solana NFTs? Here’s a complete list-

  • Listing the NFTs for sale
  • Burning the disliked NFTs
  • Tracking activity on any Solana item
  • Buying the preferable Solana NFT
  • Enjoying item resale royalties for all creators
  • Creating one’s own collection
  • Minting single & multiple editions of items
  • Adding the Phantom wallet to multi wallet profile 
  • Transferring NFTs to other wallets

Since there are no bids as of now, there won’t be any fees as well. For the upcoming month, until August 14, Solana NFTs can be traded for free. Later, 1% seller fee will be charged but will remain 0% for the buyer. 

Previously, Today NFT News reported, Rektguy brought a zero-fee marketplace with a flavor of rekt confessions to celebrate zero-fee community marketplace.